At the first consultation, we measure you to ensure an ideal fit. Then we guide you through our vast selection of fine fabrics from all over the world. We discuss your personal style and decide exactly what you’re looking for. Some customers arrive with visions; others work with us to discover their sensibilities. You select the fabric’s color, pattern, and weight, choose the buttons, lining, and collar. We show you all the thrilling possibilities. Each suit is born of a thrilling artistic collaboration.


We meet next for the basted fitting, an essential step in our process. You try on a loosely-sewn early version of the suit and the tailor checks how it complements your posture and shoulder-alignment. After this first fitting, the suit is dismantled and hand-sewn again for a nuanced fit.


At the second fitting, you see your suit as a finished piece. The tailor notes any necessary adjustments and revises the pattern, scrutinizing every detail from the length of visible shirt-cuff to the grace of the trousers against the shoes.


Once your bespoke suit is finished, you find that all the precise measurements add up to something that cannot be measured. For us, little compares to the pleasure of a perfect handmade suit tailored to your tastes and preferences, the ultimate expression of personal style. Watching a customer try on a finished bespoke suit never ceases to thrill us.

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