J.M. Journal

In the Studio with Marcus Jamal

We recently toured the self-taught artist Marcus Jahmal’s Brooklyn studio- with friend and photographer Zeph Columbatto in tow. We took a peek around the place while Jahmal tried on his J. Mueser commission for a few final tweaks- ahead of his show at Almine Rech Galley in Paris last April.

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Our Shirt Collars

The Gaiola

Named after the purportedly cursed island off the coast of Naples, once owned by Gianni Agnelli himself- this is one of our most popular collar styles. The Gaiola is a full spread with enough collar length to tuck neatly under the lapel of a jacket. We like it with everything from a fine Egyptian cotton dress shirt to a casual linen popover. 

The Madison

A full roll button-down collar, much like the ones made by the American shirtmakers of yore. This is our most casual offering and is a great option when going sans necktie. A buttonless variation of this collar is available upon request and can be seen on our western pearl snap shirts and on select dress shirts- we like this for a jauntier, retro vibe. 

The Jermyn

Our most conservative style, the Jermyn is our ode to the great English shirtmakers of Jermyn street. We created this to be the perfect office shirt, a neat semi-spread collar perfectly matched with a charcoal or navy suit, and with or without a necktie. 


Of course, here at J. Mueser, we are at heart- a custom clothier. While we like the prescribed collars above and have found them useful, we want to make what is a good fit for your wardrobe, whether that's a button-down collar with shorter collar points or a contrasting tab club collar- no job is too big or too small.