Our Make

We offer three different makes to cater to all needs and price-points. Read on to see what distinguishes our different styles...

The Campania:

 Our most rudimentary Made-to-Order offering- this style features a 3-to-2 roll, two patch pockets at the hip, and a barchetta pocket at the breast. It is 1/4 lined and half-canvased with an unstructured shoulder and is machine-made in Naples, Italy. This product is cut from an existing block and is able to be tweaked in only the simplest ways- sleeve length, jacket length, and waist. This style makes up best in more casual cloths that don't need the added support of stiffer canvas- rugged cottons, crunchy linens, and spongey tweeds. Suits start at $1,650, require only one initial fitting, and take roughly 6 weeks to be delivered. 

The Waverly: 

Our most popular make; hand-made in Naples, Italy, from a unique, hand-drafted paper pattern; this style is fully-canvased with a lightly constructed shoulder. Because it is your own pattern; options are nearly endless- considerations of button stance, pocket styling, and shoulder expression are all on the table. While the Waverly is great for a cotton or linen suit, we love it for finer cloths- fine Italian flannels or crisp English frescos. The Waverly Suit starts at $2,750, requires 3 fittings, and takes roughly 8 weeks to be delivered.

The Mayfair:

The Mayfair is our version of a Savile Row suit. While it is our most expensive option, the biggest difference is not in quality, but in style. The Mayfair features multiple layers of canvas, and a more structured shoulder. It is cut from a unique, hand-drafted pattern and bench-made locally. More structural than our Neapolitan offerings; it is ideal for creating shape and crafting a more formal silhouette. We love the Mayfair for it's elegant lines and clean drape- this is a great option for a navy three-piece suit or a classic black tuxedo. It takes roughly 8-10 weeks, requires 3 fittings, and starts at $3,950 for a suit.